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Anstey Park Development Contribution Plan

'Anstey Park' was originally a semi-rural precinct near Secret Harbour, comprising 31 lots approximately 4 hectares in area, which has been developed for housing since 2003.

In order to ensure an appropriate form of development and an equitable outcome for landowners, the City of Rockingham established a Cost Sharing Scheme whereby the costs of various infrastructure, including public open space, drainage and regional roads, are equitably shared by all developers.

The Cost Sharing Scheme is valued at approximately $20 million and has been managed by the city.  This has involved liaison with landowners and developers, along with the undertaking of regular updates of the cost sharing estimates to ensure accuracy.

In 2008/09, an amendment to the City's Town Planning Scheme was finalised which provided statutory effect to the cost sharing arrangements through a Development Contribution Plan.  Implementation of the Development Contribution Plan has commenced with the development of a number of parks to serve residents.