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Urban wetland monitoring

In May 2008, the Council endorsed the Rockingham Urban Wetland and Drainage Swale Study 2008. This Study identified a number of management issues associated with the City's urban wetlands and recommended further water quality monitoring such that the problems could be better understood and addressed.

Urban wetlands are those water bodies that are artificial (or modified) for aesthetic, stormwater management, irrigation or environmental management purposes.

In March 2009, Ecoscape Pty Ltd was commissioned to undertake water quality monitoring of seventeen urban wetlands which were identified as having potential management issues. The monitoring program consisted of two sampling session, one in summer and one in winter.

The summer sampling session commenced in March 2009. The results indicated that most wetlands tested were within the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council's (ANZECC) guidelines for environmental water quality of aquatic ecosystems. The winter sampling session was undertaken in September 2009.

The City's Parks Services will use the information to facilitate the management measures that will be required for problem wetlands.

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