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Community Plan Strategies

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Our strategies

In 2018 during our "planning for the future workshops" the community shared its aspirations for the City's future. To deliver this future we need to review our existing Community Plan Strategies and develop new strategies that meet strategic objectives. The Community Plan Strategies will be developed through further community and Council engagement, and will be endorsed by Council following feedback on the draft documents.

​In each strategy, the implementation of Key Actions will be measured to ensure they progress towards our goal of delivering the Aspirations.  All actions are budgeted for and delivered through the City's Community Plan, Asset Management Plan, individual Team Plans and the Corporate Business Plan.

Aspiration 1- Actively Pursue Tourism and Economic Development

Title Size and Format Status Date Adopted Next Review Date
Economic Development Strategy (current) PDF 3.09 MB Adopted    
Tourist Destination Strategy (New) PDF 4.3 MB Adopted May 2019 May 2021
Coastal Facilities Strategy (New)        
Rockingham Strategic Metropolitan Centre Public Parking Strategy (current) PDF 2.2 MB Adopted    
City Centre Transport Strategy (Current) PDF 994 kb Adopted    
Rockingham Strategic Metropolitan Centre, Centre Plan - Activity Centre  PDF 1.7 MB Adopted    

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Aspiration 2 - Grow and Nurture Community Connectedness and Wellbeing

Title Size and Format Status
Seniors Strategy 2017-2021 (current) PDF 1.19 MB Adopted
Children and Young People Strategy (current) PDF 753 kb Adopted
Community Support Services Strategy (current) PDF 629 kb Adopted
Disability Access and Inclusion Strategy (current) PDF 942 kb Adopted
Library and Information Services Strategy (current) 6.7 MB Adopted
Cultural Development and the Arts Strategy 2018 - 2022 (current) PDF 524 kb Adopted
Health and Wellbeing Strategy (current) Internal link Adopted
Volunteering Strategy 2016 - 2022 (current) PDF 726 kb Adopted
Community Safety Strategy (to be updated) PDF 4 MB Adopted
Digital Media Strategy (to be updated)    

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Aspiration 3 - Plan for Future Generations

Title Size and Format Status
Community Infrastructure Plan (updated annually) Internal link Adopted
Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan (part one)
Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan (part two)
PDF 12.6 MB
PDF 15.7 MB
Strategic Asset Management Plan (to be updated)    
Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (new)    
Safety Bay/Shoalwater Foreshore Revitalisation Masterplan
Centre Plan - Rockingham Strategic Metroplitan Centre
Heritage Strategy  (new)    
Sustainability Strategy (new)    
Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan   In progress
Waste Strategy (current) PDF 367 kb Adopted
Natural Area Conservation Strategy  (current) PDF 1.2 MB Adopted
Bushfire Risk Mitagation Strategy (current) PDF 997 kb Adopted
Local Planning Strategy (new)   In progess
Karnup District Structure Plan (new)    
City Greening Plan (current) 15 MB Adopted
Public Open Space Strategy (new)    
Environmental Planning Strategy (new)    
Rockingham Foreshore Management Plan (current) PDF 22 MB Adopted


Aspiration 4 - Deliver Quality Leadership and Business Expertise

Title Size and Format Status
Ten Year Integrated Financial Business Plan (updated annually) Internal link Adopted
Development of the Renaissance Technopole (current) Internal link