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Three Bin System

Background of Better Bins Project

Through the Waste Authority’s Better Bins project, the City upgraded its waste collection service to:

  • 360-litre yellow-lidded recycling bin
  • 240-litre lime green-lidded green waste bin
  • 140-litre red-lidded waste bin.

Notable changes:

  • Increased size of recycling bin
  • Addition of third lime green-lidded green waste bin
  • Red lid on waste bin replaces dark green
  • Reduced size of waste bin

Purpose of bin upgrade

  • Improves residents' disposal behaviour by reducing waste to landfill
  • Increased recycling capacity
  • Larger recycling bin reduces carbon footprint of weekly recycling by half
  • Reduction of approximately 20% of waste to landfill by capturing green waste for mulching

Project Timing

The project was divided into two phases:

  1. May to June 2017 - Eight weeks to upgrade the bins of 50,000 residential properties
  2. From 26 June 2017 - Collection of the new bin system, including the new lime green-lidded green waste bin

For more information on the project visit Rubbish and Recycling Collection.