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Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park

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The City's Enclosed Off-Leash Dog Exercise Area Needs and Feasibility Study (2015) identified that the City would benefit from the addition of purpose-built enclosed dog parks which contribute to happier, healthier, better socialised dogs, and create a community space for dog owners to socialise. These facilities are particularly beneficial for those who may find it difficult to exercise their dog by walking extended distances. Following the opening of the Rockingham Enclosed Dog Park in 2016, Baldivis was identified as the next location due to the large registered dog population in that area.

Scope of works

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park was designed to maximise the open space, and provide easily accessible supporting amenities such as shelter, shade, water fountains, and seating.

The project also included the construction of additional parking (both standard and accessible bays) to accommodate additional reserve users.

The park includes:

  • a total fenced area of approximately 3000m2
  • “all dog” and “small dog” enclosures separated by a solid fence
  • dual-gated entrance, with full separation between the entry to each enclosure
  • shelters and water fountains in each enclosure, connected closely to the entry points by a path network
  • shade trees, sand areas and seating in each enclosure
  • nature-based agility nodes including equipment such as recycled logs and stumps, and limestone boulders.
  • maintenance access gates to each enclosure
  • bin at entry.
This project received funding from the Australian Government, through the Stronger Communities program.


Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park is located at the southern end of Barri Barri Park, Baldivis.
​Parking is available near the entry gates on the Acrasia Road side of the reserve.


Project schedule

Council endorsed Barri Barri Park as the project site in December 2016.
Planning, community consultation, and design of the facility took place between February 2017 and March 2018.
Construction commenced in April, and was completed in June 2018.

The park was opened to the community on Saturday 23 June 2018.