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City Secures Facilities for Renaissance Technopole


The City of Rockingham has agreed to take over a significant area of Murdoch University’s Rockingham campus for the Renaissance Technopole, an advanced research and development centre which will attract businesses from high technology industries.

Mr Serge Boniface and Mr Yannick Vergez from international engineering company Groupe FIVA came to Rockingham on 13 October specifically to visit the Renaissance Technopole and  see first-hand the opportunities it offers their business.

Mayor Barry Sammels said “The City is very excited about building long term working relations with major international players such as Groupe FIVA through the Technopole. The collaboration we can create through the Technopole will enrich the City’s economic climate over the longer term”.

Groupe FIVA is based in France and offers comprehensive engineering services and manufacturing solutions for the environment, energy and defence sectors in France and overseas.

“We are very used to working with technopoles in France so we are looking for the same relationship here in Australia,” said Mr Boniface. “Although Rockingham is a long way from Cherbourg, the presence of the Renaissance Technopole makes it much more attractive for us to come here and establish our operations. This facility would provide us with access to advanced research to apply in our business, and accelerated development of solutions.”

Representatives from more international businesses are scheduled to visit the Renaissance Technopole next month.


Photo:  L-R Mark Tidman (City of Rockingham Investment Attraction Manager), Christine Caseris (French Australian Chamber of Commerce), Yannick Vergez and Serge Boniface (Groupe FIVA), Mayor Barry Sammels

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