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Sport and recreation facilities and complexes

Aquatic Centre

Find out about the City of Rockingham's only dedicated outdoor aquatic facility.

Lark Hill Sports Complex

Find out what's on offer at the Lark Hill Sports Complex.

Mike Barnett Sports Complex

Find out about the Mike Barnett Sports Complex and how to hire the facility.

Sport reserves and fields

Find out about sport reserves and fields in the City of Rockingham and how to hire them.

Parks and nature reserves

Facilities available at the City of Rockingham's parks and nature reserves.

Skate parks

Find out about skate parks in the City of Rockingham.

Public toilets

Find public toilets in the City of Rockingham and opening hours.

Sport and recreational clubs

Find out how the City of Rockingham's sport and recreational clubs and programs.

Purchase floodlight PIN codes

Purchase floodlight PIN codes