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Voting and elections

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About Local Government Elections

The City of Rockingham Ordinary Local Government Elections are held every two years, on the third Saturday in October. The next local government election will be held on 19 October 2019. Fifty per cent of the 10 elected member positions become vacant at each ordinary election with nominations being called for an ensuing four-year term. Extraordinary elections are held between ordinary elections where members leave office prior to completion of their term.

Elections are conducted by postal voting by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) with all eligible electors being sent voting papers for their respective ward for completion and return by prepaid post.

Details of past and forthcoming elections at the City may be found at the website of the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

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Results of 2017 Local Government Elections

Congratulations to the City of Rockingham Councillors who were elected on 21 October 2017.

  • Baldivis Ward                      Matthew Whitfield (4 year term - 16 October 2021)
  • Comet Bay Ward                 Mark Jones (4 year term - 16 October 2021)
  • Rockingham Ward              Barry Sammels (4 year term - 16 October 2021)
  • Rockingham Ward              Andrew Burns (2 year term - 19 October 2019)
  • Safety Bay Ward                 Deborah Hamblin (4 year term - 16 October 2021)
  • Safety Bay Ward                 Leigh Liley (4 year term - 16 October 2021)

For more information and to see more detailed results visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Local Government Elections

Does the City of Rockingham have electoral wards?

Yes, the City of Rockingham comprises four wards:

  • Baldivis Ward                       ( 2 councillor representatives )
  • Comet Bay Ward                 ( 2 councillor representatives )
  • Rockingham Ward               ( 3 councillor representatives )
  • Safety Bay Ward                  ( 3 councillor representatives )

Can I vote for the Mayor?

No, the Mayor of the City of Rockingham is currently elected by the Council from amongst the Councillors, rather than being directly elected by the electors.

Can I vote in local government elections for the City of Rockingham?

Yes, as long as you are enrolled on the State electoral roll for a residence in the City of Rockingham, or are on the City of Rockingham Owner and Occupiers Roll. More information is available in the enrolment section below.

Is voting at local government elections compulsory?

No they are not.

Do all councils have postal elections?

No, although most councils in the metro area conduct postal elections, but many rural local governments still use the in person voting method.

Where can I vote?

The City of Rockingham conducts its election by postal voting in conjunction with the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC).

A voting package which consists of the ballot paper and candidate profiles is posted to each elector over 20 days prior to election day – this allows plenty of time to vote and return the completed ballot paper in the envelope provided.

A polling place is open on election day so that electors may return completed ballot papers in person (e.g. If the elector forgot to post their completed ballot papers in time).

A ballot box will also be provided from the day ballot papers are sent out to electors until 6pm on election day at the City of Rockingham Administration Building, Civic Boulevard, Rockingham.

When do candidates nominate to stand for election?

The nomination period opens on the 44th day prior to election day and closed at 4pm on the 37th day prior to election. For 2019 local government elections, the nomination period will open on 5 September and close on 12 September 2019 at 4pm.

Who is the Returning Officer?

We will advise once a WAEC Returning Officer has been appointed for 2019 local government elections. 

When is local government election day and when does the election close?

The local government election day is held throughout Western Australia on the third Saturday in October every second year. The next local government elections will be held on 19 October 2019.

When is the close of enrolments for the 2019 local government elections?

Enrolments close on the 50th day prior to election day. Enrolments for the 2019 local government elections will close on 30 August 2019.

What is the first past the post system for counting votes?

The ‘first past the post’ system is used for local government elections, in which electors indicate the candidate, or candidates, of their choice by placing a tick in the box opposite the names of the chosen persons, up to the number of vacancies to be filled, with candidates being elected in order of the number of votes they receive.

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If you are an owner or occupier of rateable property within the City of Rockingham, and meet the eligibility criteria, you are entitled to be enrolled to vote at Council elections. If you are enrolled on the State electoral roll as living at the relevant address in Rockingham then you are automatically included on the local government roll.

If you are not on the State electoral roll and meet the eligibility criteria. Please visit the enrolment page of the Western Australian Electoral Commission to enrol online or to download an enrolment form.

However, if you are an owner or occupier of a Rockingham property and you are enrolled on the State roll as living outside the district, or if you are not on any other roll but meet the eligibility criteria, enrolment is no longer automatic so you must apply to be placed on the local roll by lodging an enrolment form at the City of Rockingham Administration Centre.

Title Format Size and Type
City of Rockingham Enrolment Elgibility Claim Form Form PDF 634 kb

There are several provisions which relate to occupiers of property and to persons who are not enrolled on the State rolls. Please note that if you are unsure of your eligibility status please contact City Administration well in advance of any council election or check your enrolment at the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.