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Community Participation

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Advisory Committees

Advisory committees are made up of elected members and community members. They provide recommendations to Council in line with their terms of reference. We have advisory committees that range from culture and the arts to community safety.

Advisory committees meet as and when required as determined by the committee members or Council. Their role is providing professional advice and executive support.

To keep our advisory committees vibrant and relevant, Councillor memberships to these committee are reviewed after each ordinary local government election. Community membership and membership from specific organisations and government agencies are reviewed every two years between July and September each non election year.

​You can find the terms of reference and membership of each advisory committee on the Representations on Council and Non-Council Committees document.

Name Type Size and Format
Representations on Council and Non-Council Committees Document PDF 247 kb

Why People Stand for Council

There are many reasons why people stand for Council. Most councillors say the sense of satisfaction gained from serving the community is the biggest reward for joining Council.  

Some of the benefits gained include: increased knowledge of the operations of the City, improved self-esteem, confidence in public speaking, the chance to meet new people and become involved in activities in the community which may not have been possible otherwise.

Of all the levels of government, local government is particularly rewarding as councillors see first-hand the changes occurring within our community changes they have played a role in making. Being a councillor can change your perspective about the diversity of our community and the different needs of each group.

If you are considering standing for Council at the next election in October 2019, further information can be obtained from the Western Australian Electoral Commission or the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.