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Global Friendship Committee

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About the Committee

The Global Friendship Committee (formerly named the Sister City Coordinating Committee) has been the key driver in the ongoing relationship with Ako, Japan for nearly 15 years. The recent name change reflects the committee’s broader interests, which have extended to Kota Kinablu, Sabah, Malaysia.

The committee is dedicated to pursuing a range of issues, including the strengthening of our cultural links and developing economic, tourism, and social relationships to boost growth in our City. The philosophy propelling this initiative is the idea that it’s better for global relations to have a city as a friend rather than a stranger.

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Role of Committee

The role of the committee is to make recommendations to Council on:

  • promoting awareness of the social and economic importance of the Global Friendships program to the community
  • planning and arranging visits to and from global affiliates
  • measuring the performance and effectiveness of individual Global Friendships in terms of community and economic development benefit
  • new Global Friendship proposals
  • reviewing the performance and effectiveness of each Global Friendship every four years to assess the degree of activity, value to Council and associated benefits for the City of Rockingham.

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The objective is to promote relationships that affiliate Rockingham with cities in other countries where such relationships have a significant positive influence on the communities involved. In pursuit of this objective, Council through its Global Friendship Committee may undertake or facilitate such activities as:

  • exchanges of individuals, information and ideas across a wide range of interests
  • visits to and from affiliated cities
  • compilation of brochures providing information on aspects of life in Rockingham
  • arranging exchanges of news items and reports between newspapers, radio and television in the respective cities
  • supporting lectures by individuals from their respective countries
  • correspondence between individuals of the cities
  • exchanges and communications between churches, educational institutions, sporting bodies, clubs, societies or groups with common interest
  • exchanges of arts, crafts and educational material between schools and other groups
  • promotion of trade through continual cultural and goodwill visits.

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Committee Members

  • Mayor Barry Sammels
  • Cr Andrew Burns
  • Deputy Mayor Deb Hamblin
  • Ms Caroline Hume
  • Mr Noburo Hagiwara
  • Ms Kez Wickham St George
  • Ms Fiona Nutz
  • Ms Charmaine Oosthuizen

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Contact Details

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Tel: 9528 0333