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A Learning Community

Rockingham as a Learning Community is one where all residents can create, participate in and support opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills through study, experience or instruction. When we learn we all increase our potential which helps to create a more vibrant community.

The City supports the concept of a Learning Community through partnerships, building community capacity, respecting diversity, and creating opportunities for professional and personal development.

Read below for learning opportunities you can become involved in.

Paint Rockingham REaD

Paint Rockingham REaD logoPaint Rockingham REaD is run in partnership with the Rockingham Early Years Group, as part of the national Paint the Town REaD Ltd campaign. The campaign is all about encouraging the whole community to read, talk, rhyme and sing with children from birth so they will be ready to learn at school.

Children whose parents read with them in their early years of life show better performance in school. Reading with children not only helps them learn reading and writing, but it also boosts their social skills, brain development, and understanding of the world around them.

The aim is to create a community culture that celebrates literacy and has a love for reading.

How can you support Paint Rockingham REaD?

  • Attend Paint Rockingham REaD events and share them amongst your friends.
  • Promote the message of reading, talking, rhyming and singing with children from birth to give them the best start to life.

How can local businesses and organisations support Paint Rockingham REaD?

  • Host a Paint Rockingham REaD book swap box – the aim is to distribute swap boxes all around the community. Local businesses, schools and organisations are invited to host a swap box to encourage everyone to read to children and to ensure every child has access to children’s books. If you would like to host a swap box at your business email
  • Widi the PenguinHave Widi, the Paint Rockingham REaD mascot attend your event. Community organisations are welcome to book Widi the Penguin to promote reading, rhyming, talking and singing with children. To book Widi, please read the Safety Guidelines below and fill out the booking form. Send your completed booking form to

For more information on the Paint Rockingham REaD campaign, please contact the City on 9528 0333 or email

Title Format Size and type
Paint Rockingham REaD Mascot Booking Form Form PDF 336 kb
Paint Rockingham REaD Mascot Safety Guidelines Guidelines PDF 332 kb