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Reducing energy use

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Reducing energy use

Energy efficiency measures introduced in July 2003 made it a requirement for all new dwellings and additions to have measures taken to make the use of heating and cooling the dwellings more effective by:

• the installation of insulation in the roof space
• having the “R” (insulation) rating of walls meet a predetermined level
• providing breeze paths for ventilation.

Each year, as the Building Code is updated, Energy efficiency measures become more important.

City of Rockingham’s solar panels

Solar panels save money on operating costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate the effectiveness of solar energy production.

The City has many different buildings and assets which consume  a large amount of electricity. In 2014/2015, the installation of solar panels on many of the City's major buildings reduced power costs and our environmental footprint. 

The original sites selected were large electricity consumers, mostly during the day, and where reducing power from the grid would have the greatest benefit to the overall community.

Current Solar Outputs

Site Capacity/No. of panels Monthly Output
Administration Building 80kw/320 panels 13 Megawatt hours
Mary Davies Library 30kw/92 panels 11 Megawatt hours
Challenger Court 75kw/300 panels 10 Megawatt hours
Autumn Centre 30kw/120 panels 5 Megawatt hours

Future solar

Future sites earmarked for solar panels include:

• City Works Depot (30kw)
• Operations Centre (30kw)
• Gary Holland Community Centre (30kw)
• Safety Bay Library (30kw)
• Anniversary Park (Sized to suit energy demand)
• Kent St Arts Centre (Sized to suit energy demand)

The Department of Environment and Energy provides information on how to get rebates for solar energy.

Home energy saving tips

Find out how to reduce your energy consumption at home and save money by viewing Synergy's energy saving tips.

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