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This page is about the visual accessibility of the City of Rockingham's website.

Visit the access and inclusion page for information about the City’s commitment to accessibility and inclusiveness in all of its activities.

Accessibility features

Responsive design

The City of Rockingham recognises that there is a variety of devices that the community choose to connect with us. These include personal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  Our website is designed to respond to the type of device being used to view and interact with our website to then display in the most effective way.


The City’s website has been designed to help you access all the information you need to know quickly and easily.

 Find your way around the website using:

  • the blue navigation bar across the top of every page;
  • bread crumb navigation allows browsers to keep track of their location within the website hierarchy. Bread crumbs are displayed on the top of each web page;
  • the search tool in the top right hand corner of every page; and
  • A-Z directory.

Text size

Use the A+ and A- icons at the top of every page to increase or decrease text size.

Assistive technologies

Information on this website has been prepared to enable the use of assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Alternative formats

Downloadable documents are provided in Portable Document Format (PDF) and reduced in size where possible.

If you require information in alternative formats, contact the City.