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Budget and finance

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Annual Budget

At the beginning of each financial year, a comprehensive budget-setting process is undertaken which attempts to match spending plans for the year to the total of all sources of funding for that year.

The financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Title Type Size and format
Annual Budget 2019/2020 Publication PDF 11.3 MB

Business Plan

The City of Rockingham Business Plan provides a 10-year overview of the City’s operations within the context of a fully integrated strategic and financial planning framework. The plan is guided by the 16 aspirations that have been set out in the City’s Strategic Community Plan, and more specifically is driven by the actions in the Community Plan Strategies that flow from the aspirations. The plan ensures financial sustainability for the future strategic positioning of the City and delivers a 10-year financed model of Principal Activities for the City of Rockingham.

Title Type Size and format
Business Plan April 2019 Publication PDF 5.4 MB
Business Plan November 2018 Publication PDF 4 MB
Business Plan May 2018 Publication PDF 4 MB

Financial report

Title Type Size and format
Annual Report 2017/2018 (containing Annual Financial Report) Publication PDF 9.6 MB

Fees and charges

Title Type Size and format
Adopted Fees and Charges 2019/2020 Publication PDF 1.6 MB