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Rock Port Terms and Conditions

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General Conditions

This document provides the General Conditions for the registration, access, and use of Rock Port.

What is Rock Port?

Rock Port is the City of Rockingham’s portal for community engagement and e-services.

Rock Port is provided to better engage with community members, and will incorporate tablet and smart phone applications in order to streamline the City’s existing customer service systems all on one personalised interface. 

Users (residents, non-residents, and public organisations) will register their details and sign-on with a username and password. Following a validation step, the users’ accounts will be linked to their online profile.

Some of the features that will be available for registered users include:

  • Opt in-out for electronic delivery of document and information (City Chronicle, landfill flyers, events e-newsletter, annual report etc......);
  • Selecting areas of interest for engagement purposes (strategies and ‘share your thoughts’ opportunities etc.);
  • Online surveys for rating the City’s overall performance and its performance with large projects and strategies; and
  • Payment of rates (future upgrade phases will introduce payment of dog licences, fines etc.).

Browser versions supported

Rock Port supports the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v9, v10 and v11
  • Microsoft Edge v13 and v14
  • Google Chrome v40 to v53.0
  • Firefox v38.0 to v49.0
  • Safari v9, v9.1 and v10

How to contact the City

For general enquiries relating to Rock Port please use the "Contact Us" link in the Rock Port portal.
For specific enquiries linked to your name and your account, please use the "Contact Us" link when you are logged on to Rock Port.
Alternatively you can contact us as follows:

  • phone us at our Customer Contact Centre on 9528 0333;
  • write and send to City of Rockingham. PO Box 2142, Rockingham DC WA 6967;
  • write and send an email to;
  • write and send a fax to (08) 9592 1705; or
  • write and deliver to City of Rockingham, Civic Boulevard Rockingham.

We will endeavour to address highlighted issues or concerns during the course of normal business.

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General Conditions for Registration, Access and Use of Rock Port


1. The User agrees to be bound by the General Conditions

1.1 By applying for registration, accessing, or using Rock Port, the User agrees:
(a) to be bound by and to comply with these General Conditions; and
(b) to use Rock Port in a lawful, ethical, and responsible manner and to follow any instructions provided by us for the use of Rock Port.   

1.2 The User must ensure that they clearly understand and accept these General Conditions before proceeding to register for, access, or use Rock Port.

1.3 If the User does not agree to be bound by these General Conditions, then the User is not authorised by the City to use Rock Port and the User must exit the Rock Port.

2. Definitions

In these General Conditions:
Authorised User or User means a person who is authorised by us, by means of a unique username and password, to access and use Rock Port;

City, we, our or us means City of Rockingham of PO Box 2142 Rockingham DC, Western Australia, and its employees and contractors;

General Conditions means these terms and conditions for the registration for, access, and use of Rock Port;

Material means any document, information, records, data, online graphics, Internet pages, audio, video or communication available on, submitted to or obtained from Rock Port;

Privacy Policy means the privacy policy of the City;

Rock Port means the City’s portal for community engagement and e-services;

Transaction Log means the City’s customer relationship management system that is capable of recording a transaction which is carried out in Rock Port; and

User means any person using Rock Port.

3. How to register on Rock Port

3.1 To register on Rock Port as an Authorised User, a person must:
(a) acknowledge that they have read and agree to be bound by these General Conditions; and
(b) register their details at the Rock Port portal at and
     (i) provide all details requested;
     (ii) provide only accurate, current, and complete information; and
     (iii) select and use an unique username and password to enable personalised and secure interactions on Rock Port.

3.2 When an organisation which is an Authorised User requires more than one person to access Rock Port, each person must register as an Authorised User and have their own unique username and confidential password.

3.3 The City reserves the right to refuse any application for registration on Rock Port at its full discretion without having to give reasons for that refusal.

4. The responsibilities of an Authorised User

4.1 An Authorised User must:
(a) keep their username and password secure and protected;
(b) change their password on a regular basis in order to maintain password security;
(c) update their  personal information on Rock Port if anything changes;
(d) notify the City using the “Contact Us” link or call us on 9528 0333 if:
     (i) they become aware of the loss, theft, or unauthorised use of their username or confidential password; or
     (ii) they suspect a breach of the security of their information.

4.2 An Authorised User is responsible for all activities and transactions that occur under the User’s password and account, and for maintaining an audit trail and the provision of a secure access framework.

4.3 Where Material is available on Rock Port for a specified purpose, an Authorised User may only copy, receive and use the Material from Rock Port for that purpose.

4.4 All Users must respect the privacy rights of all parties impacted or which may have the potential to be impacted by the use or disclosure of any Material and must comply with the requirements of the Privacy Policy.

4.5 An Authorised User agrees:
(a) to be bound by any transaction or electronic communication which includes their username and password without any further inquiry on the part of the City; and
(b) to accept the Transactional Log as conclusive evidence of any instructions and financial interactions made by the User on Rock Port.

4.6 Rock Port may at times be unavailable.  It is a User’s sole responsibility to ensure that the User alternative means of undertaking urgent or time sensitive transactions and obtaining information.

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5. What Authorised User must not do

An Authorised User must not:
(a) create more than one user account on Rock Port;
(b) share the User’s user account or disclose the User’s username or confidential password;
(c) re-publish or quote Material from Rock Port to seek to discredit the City, our officers, employees, contractors, customers or other stakeholders; or
(d) use any Material for resale or profit.

6. The City may rely on information provided by an Authorised User

The City may:
(a) rely on the information provided to it by an Authorised User, until the City is given notice of any change in the User’s information or details; and
(b) act upon any transaction or instruction received through Rock Port which includes a username and password on the assumption that it originates from an Authorised User and is a valid transaction or instruction which cannot be reversed.

7. Collection of statistical information

7.1 The City may record all transactions executed by any User on Rock Port on the City’s Transaction Log. Statistical information is collected to allow the City to improve Rock Port based on an understanding of how Users make use of Rock Port.

7.2 Personal and statistical information is only recorded in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

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8. Revoking access

8.1 The City may in its sole discretion:
(a) refuse, suspend or terminate access to and use of Rock Port by any User; and
(b) cancel and block the account of an Authorised User.

8.2 Inappropriate or unreasonable use of Rock Port, deliberate or reckless disruption to Rock Port, or breaches of privacy, confidentiality or copyright obligations by a User may result in the City restricting a User’s access to Rock Port.

9. Availability of Rock Port and its functions

9.1 The general functions of Rock Port may not be available at all times, and specific functions within Rock Port may have restrictions on availability due to operational, privacy or security constraints.

9.2 The City may, at its sole discretion, suspend the availability of all or any function or part of Rock Port at any time.

9.3 The City may from time to time, upgrade, replace, change, or retire any function available on Rock Port. The City will endeavour to provide Authorised Users with advance notice of any significant changes.

9.4 The City accepts no liability for:
(a) the use of, or the non-availability or inability to use, Rock Port or any of the functions on Rock Port;
(b) any inability to perform or complete an instruction or transaction by a particular time or at all;
(c) any transmission malfunction that results due to technical or software (including virus) problems on your device;
(d) the accuracy of the information on Rock Port. Even though the information in Rock Port is provided in good faith and with reasonable care, some of this information may become inaccurate or out of date due to changes;
(e) content provided through links to external Internet sites that have been provided through Rock Port. A User must make their assessment regarding any material obtained from another website; or
(f) unauthorised access to, or alteration of, a User’s transmissions or data.

10. Security of data

10.1 The City will take all reasonable precautions to keep information secure and to ensure that there is no unauthorised use, misuse, modification, reproduction or disclosure of information provided by Authorised Users, and to ensure the security of payments through Rock Port and the City’s website, but the City is not liable for any failure to secure the information or payments.

10.2 The City will re-direct all payments through the National Australia Bank secure banking website or such other secure banking website chosen by the City.

10.3 The City will not keep or store any credit card details.

10.4 The City will provide Authorised Users with the means of retrieving their username and password in the event that they have forgotten or misplaced them.

10.5 The City will disable access to Rock Port for a username and issue the Authorised User with a replacement as soon as is practicable once the City is notified of the loss or theft or unauthorised use of a username and password.

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11. Data Backups

11.1 The City undertakes electronic backup of its computer based systems for its own purposes, but does not provide back up or recovery of data not required for its purposes.

11.2 An Authorised User is responsible for implementing the User’s own backup and recovery procedures for Material accessed from or transmitted to Rock Port, and for installing and implementing the User’s own system protection software to protect the User’s software and systems.

12. Liability and Indemnity

12.1 The use of Rock Port is at the sole risk of the User.

12.2 In no event will the City be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of Rock Port or reliance on any Material obtained from Rock Port.

12.3 Each User waives and releases and hereby agrees to indemnify the City to the fullest extent permitted by law against, any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of Rock Port by the User or reliance on any Material obtained from Rock Port.

13. Amend the General Conditions

13.1 The City may change these General Conditions at any time, and will use its best endeavours to advise Users of these changes by notification on Rock Port.

13.2 It is the User’s responsibility to check the Rock Port General Conditions when accessing Rock Port to identify if any changes to the General Conditions affect them.

14. Viruses

14.1 The City cannot guarantee that Rock Port or the Material are free from computer viruses or any other defect or error which may affect Users’ software or systems.

14.2 Users are responsible for installing and implementing their own system protection software to protect their software and systems.

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15. Time and place of sending and receiving

All interactions and transactions which occur through Rock Port are deemed to have been executed in the State of Western Australia. The time stamp of any interaction or transaction is defined at the time of sending from or receipt of the City’s web server(s) which are set to Australian Western Standard Time.

16. Governing law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Western Australia and are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Western Australia.

17. Freedom of information

The City must comply with the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA). The City has no liability to anyone where access to Material supplied by a User is given in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA).

18. Copyright

18.1 Unless otherwise specified:
(a) all of the Material on Rock Port is protected by copyright law; and
(b) copyright in the Material is owned by the City, except for personal information provided by a User.

18.2 Apart from any fair dealing permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part of the Material may be reproduced or re-used for any commercial purposes whatsoever without the City’s prior written permission. Requests for authorisation should be made using the “Contact Us‟ link.

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