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Amendment to Planning Policy No.3.2.5 - Waterfront Village Sector

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Amendments are proposed to Planning Policy No.3.2.5 - Development Policy Plan Waterfront Village Sector (PP3.2.5) that will increase building height and modify built form within the Foreshore Precinct.

Aerial map of the Foreshore Precinct

​The City has undertaken a Building Height Study for the Foreshore Precinct in the Waterfront Village, with the aim of helping to determine an appropriate scale of development for the precinct, and to review the policy guidelines to manage the height and massing of buildings.

The study considered the appropriateness of taller buildings in the urban environment in relation to a range of factors that include:

  • the broader landscape context
  • strategic planning objectives such as the relationship to desired urban consolidation and the sustainability agenda
  • local townscape and environmental impacts such as streetscape character, building overshadowing and overlooking
  • community sentiment and community benefit
  • development economics, and economic impact.

​The methodology for the study consisted broadly of two parts. The first part included the preparation of three papers that provided background on the above considerations. The second part involved the modelling of a series of built form scenarios for the precinct to explore the impact of development at various intensities and scale of development. The preferred scenario has been translated into a proposed amendment to PP3.2.5.

​For the lots along Rockingham Beach Road, the preferred build form is a "Tower and Podium". Towers should either have the uppermost storey setback by a minimum of 3.5m or incorporate a unique and identifiable top to the tower component to create a transition between the tower wall and the skyline. Overall building heights will increase from 10 storeys to 12 storeys with the opportunity for a height bonus up to 24 storeys to be achieved subject to meeting certain development criteria.

For lots fronting Kent Street, the preferred built form is for "European" style urban buildings that are built to side boundaries. Along Kent Street buildings would reduce in height from 10 storeys to 8 storeys, however, the built form controls will be rationalised to create building envelopes that are more buildable and useable.

​The Council report detailing the proposed amendments to PP3.2.5, the supporting Building Height Study and a submission response form can be accessed below.

Title Type Size and format
Council Report Document PDF 1.6 MB
Building Height Study Document PDF 17.4 MB
Submission Response Form Document PDF 718 kb

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  • online via Rock Port
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  • mail the submission response form to: Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 2142, Rockingham DC 6967.

​Written submissions may be made in writing and lodged with the Chief Executive Officer, by no later than 15 February 2019.

Please note that any written submission received in response to this invitation may be placed on the public record and be available for public inspection.