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Amended Planning Policy 3.3.7 - Display Home Centres

​At its ordinary Meeting held on 22 May 2018, Council resolved to advertise an amendment to Planning Policy No.3.3.7 - Display Home Centres (PP3.3.7.).

​The purpose of the amendment is to reduce car parking requirements for Display Homes to reflect demand and ensure consistency with current policy and legislation. Minor wording changes are also proposed to simplify the Policy for ease of use, correct typographical errors and prevent duplication.

Prior to Council considered the amended Policy for final adoption, your comment on the amended Policy is sought.

​A copy of the amended Policy can be viewed below.

​Written submissions on the amended Policy may be made in writing and lodged with the Chief Executive Officer no later than 22 June 2018.

​Please note that any written submission received in response to this invitation may be placed on the public record and be available for public inspection.

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