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The City is currently seeking comment on the following proposals:

Proposed Amendment No.171 to Town Planning Scheme No.2 - Cash-in-Lieu for Carparking in the Primary Centre Waterfront Village Zone

At its ordinary Meeting held on 31st October 2017, the Council resolved to adopt (initiate) Amendment No.171 to Town Planning Scheme No.2 by amending the Scheme Text as follows:

Clause sub-paragraph (3) is to be replaced with the following text:-

(3) In the case of development on land within Area A - the cash-in-lieu payment shall not be less than the estimated cost of providing and constructing the parking bays (and all necessary vehicular and pedestrian access areas and manoeuvring areas) in the form of a multi-decked structure, where the cost of providing and constructing a multi-decked structure is the sum of:

(a) the estimated value of the land upon which the multi-decked structure is likely to be constructed, as determined by a liceneced valuer, approved by the Council; and

(b) the estimated cost of constructing a multi-decked structure (including full civil works, lighting, signage, lifts and lift shafts, line marking, decorative classing/screening, landscaping, security and vehicle monitoring equipment as estimated by a qualified Wuantity Surveyor, approved by the Council, acting in accordance with the principles and costings set out in the then current edition of Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook, insofar as those principles and costings apply to those items.

Prior to the Council considering Amendment No.171 for final adoption, your comment on the proposal is sought.

Written submissions may be made in writing and lodged with the Chief Executive Officer on or before 1st March 2018.

Any written submission received in response to this invitation may be placed on the public record and be available for inspection.

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