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Design Review Panel

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Purpose of Design Review

The City of Rockingham Design Review Panel has been established to provide independent expert advice to the Council, City’s Administration and proponents on the design and site planning of specified development proposals.  This shall include, but not be limited to architectural and urban design elements, sustainability, amenity and landscape architecture.

To facilitate improvements to urban design and built form outcomes, proponents are encouraged, where possible, to seek the advice of the Panel from the earliest possible stages of conceptual design, in order to seek technical feedback and resolve design issues prior to submitting an application on a proposal.

The Panel acts in an advisory capacity only and does not make decisions on applications, however, it is the expectation of the City that the advice provided will be incorporated within the development under consideration.

Application Referral Requirements

Meetings are held as required and development proposals that fall within the following categories will be referred to the Panel for comments or advice:

(a)  Non-residential development which, in the opinion of the delegated officer, is likely to have a 
       significant impact on the City;

(b)  Residential development which, in the opinion of the delegated officer, involves a substantial departure from the applicable maximum height standards identified by the Scheme or Policy;

(c)   Residential development which comprises 10 or more dwellings;

(d)  Residential development which, in the opinion of the delegated officer, involves a substantial departure from the Deemed-to-Comply provisions of the Residential Design Codes;

(e)  Development which in the opinion of the delegated officer, is contentious, likely to be of significant community interest or involves unusual or unconventional design elements;

(f)   All Joint Development Applications must be referred to the Panel for a design review; and

(g)  Any Development applications and Joint Development Assessment Panel applications, which, as a result of public consultation, are the subject of opposition on relevant planning grounds.

Referral of applications in the above categories is required regardless of whether the application is to be determined by a Joint Development Assessment Panel, Council or by an officer acting under delegated authority.

Town Planning Scheme No.2

Design Review Panel Members are appointed in accordance with Clause 6.5 of Town Planning Scheme No.2 which states that:

6.5.1  The Council may appoint a Design Review Panel for the purposes of considering and advising the Council with respect to applications.

6.5.2  The Design Review Panel may be consulted on design matters relating to development.

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Related Information

Seeking Nominations - Design Review Panel

About the role

​The City is seeking additional suitably qualified design professionals to join its existing Design Review Panel (the panel). Nominees must possess specialist skills and experience in a range of disciplines including architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, environmental sustainability or heritage.

​The panel acts in an advisory capacity and provides the City and proponents with a range of expert advice referred to it for a review.

Nominations for Membership

​The following criteria should be addressed when preparing your nomination:

  • ​A covering letter addressing qualifications, association memberships and general availability to satisfy the responsibilities required of the position
  • CV/Resume
  • ​Examples of recent work and any other relevant information in support of the nomination
  • Minimum of two professional referees

​Nominations should be marked to the attention of the A/Chief Executive Officer, City of Rockingham, PO Box 2142 Rockingham DC WA 6967 and be received by no later than 29 June 2018.