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Programs for Seniors

The City of Rockingham's Lifestyle Program provides seniors with information on relevant topics to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to make informed choices, be safe, build social connections and reduce social isolation.

Current Programs

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The City distributes regular information to seniors about events, workshops, expos and other information.

Information can be received either by email or by post.
To receive information by email, please sign into Rock Port and update your profile.

To receive information by post, please contact the City with your contact details on 9528 0333 or email with your name, postal address and contact phone number.

Previous ProgramsPlanning-for-the-Future

Previous Lifestyle Programs have included:

  • Planning for the Future
  • Health Forum for Seniors
  • Basic First Aid for Seniors
  • Build Your Balance
  • Dementia Awareness sessions
  • Public Transport information sessions
  • Young and Gold Urban Art Intergenerational Project

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