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Neighbourhood Watch - Neighbours Helping Neighbours

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based program aimed at reducing preventable crime through communication and cooperation between neighbours. It’s free to join, simple to participate in, and can involve everyone in the community.

Objectives of Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch objectives are to:

  • reduce the fear of crime within the community
  • reduce preventable crime
  • encourage reporting of suspicious activity
  • improve the quality of information passed on to Police
  • improve the level of home security in the community
  • encourage the marking of property with an ultra violet (UV) pen to discourage theft and assist in identifying recovered property.

How to Get Involved

You can participate in Neighbourhood Watch by:

  • registering as a member.
  • displaying Neighbourhood Watch signage (letterbox, wheelie bin, windows etc.).
  • improving your level of home security.
  • observing activity on the street, reporting suspicious behaviour and criminal activity to the Police (Telephone 131 444).
  • communicating with and supporting neighbours.
  • marking your property with an ultra violet (UV) pen to discourage theft and assist in recovery of property.

When you join Neighbourhood Watch you will be provided with a free member pack containing crime prevention information and Neighbourhood Watch signage.

As an active volunteer you will represent Neighbourhood Watch by encouraging community relations and promoting crime prevention initiatives in your street and/or local area.

As a participant, you will receive regular communications via email on local crime initiatives, strategies and trends so that you can best protect your personal safety and home security.
ewatch is a communication tool used to deliver regular newsletters, broadcasts and special alerts via email to the community.  The content is written by the Officer in Charge of each Police Station and the corresponding Local Government Authority and sent to residents and NHW members in that locality.

It is free to subscribe to ewatch and is a simple registration process.  You can subscribe to ewatch via

Should you require any further information with regard to becoming involved with Neighbourhood Watch as a Participant or an Active Volunteer, please see the following link