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Community safety service 

 The City of Rockingham’s Community Safety Service provides an operational role in the area of community safety and crime prevention through the hired services of Wilson Security, an experienced and accredited security provider. 

Safety for seniors

Safety for Seniors is a program run by the City of Rockingham and the local Police, aimed at supporting safety for seniors in the Rockingham community. Contact us to receive your Safety for Seniors member pack.

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Tips on making your home more secure

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave
  • Keep fly screens locked when you are in your home (remember, fly screens stop flies not people!)
  • Never leave keys outside your home
  • Cut back shrubbery around the house to ensure natural surveillance
  • Make sure your house number can be seen clearly from the road
  • Keep the area around your home well lit at night
  • Keep garden sheds, garages and side gates locked
  • Make sure any tools or ladders are locked away
  • Keep your post and meter boxes locked
  • Install a burglar alarm
  • Have all your valuables engraved and property marked
  • Always keep money, handbags and keys out of view away from doors and windows
  • Never give personal details over the phone
  • Fit a door viewer and never let strangers into your home.

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Neighbourhood Watch  - neighbours helping neighbours

Neighbourhood Watch is a community based program aimed at reducing preventable crime through communication and cooperation between neighbours. It’s free to join, simple to participate in, and can involve everyone in the community.

Luminous numbering on residential, commercial and industrial premises

Residents are requested to ensure that their dwellings, commercial and industrial properties, are properly numbered with a luminous or reflective sign which can be easily seen at night. Emergency service vehicles depend on accurate and visible numbers, especially after dark.

Reflective numbers on aluminium plates, suitable for residential properties, can be purchased from Council (i.e. number and plate).

Council has adopted a policy regarding street numbering which ratepayers are requested to adhere to. Cooperation will ensure that community and emergency services can easily locate their destination.

For more information contact us.

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