Graffiti vandalism

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Reporting graffiti vandalism

It is important to report all graffiti vandalism to the WA Police Goodbye Graffiti hotline, 1800 44 22 55, or website ( All reports made to Goodbye Graffiti generate a WA Police incident Report number (IR#) and is logged in the WA Police database. The below flowchart shows the steps a graffiti report will take.

Preventing graffiti

Reduce the likelihood of graffiti vandalism on your property by:

  • Planting creepers and foliage along walls and fences
  • Painting in dark colours
  • Keeping your property well maintained
  • Install sensor lights making sure the area is well lit at night
  • Investigate the benefits of having an anti graffiti coating applied
  • Remove any and all graffiti as soon as possible to deter a recurrence

For further information, see Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and the Goodbye Graffiti website (as above).