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Property Marking - UV Pens

In 2014 the City embarked on a community safety and crime prevention initiative to deliver a UV pen to every rateable residential property in the City of Rockingham.

With glowing support from Western Australia Police, the initiative was aimed at reducing the chance of burglary and increasing the retrieval of stolen property.  It will also assist Police in the apprehension of burglary offenders.Null

Every rateable residential  property received a UV pen prior to Christmas, and residents were encouraged to use the pen to mark their valuable property.  By marking valuables, residents are able to verify ownership of their goods, thereby increasing the likelihood of them being returned in the event of theft.

To ensure the most effective marking of your property, residents are encouraged to mark their valuables near the serial number on the item, if there is one, using the state listed on your driver's licence and your driver's licence number.  For example, WA1234567.

Should you not have a driver's licence, use your passport or Medicare number, or those details of a close relative.

Full instructions about how to mark property can be found in the table below, along with a downloadable sign that can be placed in your window/s to notify potential intruders that all valuable property has been marked.

Property registers are the perfect addition for property marking.  A printable property register is available on the Neighbourhood Watch website at for you to print and complete.  This register should be kept in a safe place and a copy sent to your insurance company.  For items that cannot be marked, such as jewellery, photographs should be taken and stored with your property register.

If you would like a free UV pen, please contact the City on 9528 0333 or email (limited supply available).

Title Type Size and format
UV Pen - Property Marking Instructions Document PDF 342 KB
UV Pen - Identification Signs for your home Document PDF 176 KB

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED (pronounced "septed") is a proven crime prevention approach to reduce opportunities for crime.  The concept is to design or modify your home in ways that reduce or prevent the incidence of crime and improve quality of life for residents.

The police alone cannot provide all the solutions to property crime therefore householders and communities are encouraged to learn basic principles to help themselves secure their properties and neighbourhoods.

You can download CPTED brochures below:

Title Type Size and format
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Document PDF 550 KB
Designing out Graffiti Document PDF 1.4 MB
Protecting Surfaces and Rapid Removal Document PDF 224 KB
Lighting and Surveillance Document PDF 526 KB
Landscaping and Planting Document PDF 460 KB

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Eyes on the Street

Eyes on the Street is a coordinated intelligence gathering program which encourages State Government agencies, local governments and businesses to identify and record suspicious behaviour and report it to police.

The program aims to establish partnerships between the Community Engagement Division, WA Police and organisations whose workers spend their days on the streets and are therefore in the best position to witness and report suspicious or criminal activity.

Eyes on the Street increases police intelligence about goings-on in the local area and the high visibility of members’ branded vehicles helps deter crime.

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Report a Hoon

If you witness dangerous, reckless or anti-social driving (hoon) behaviour call Police on 131 444 to report. All calls are treated confidentially. Ensure that you call Police as soon as you can and advise if you believe the behaviour will continue long enough for Police to attend the scene.

Use a Hoon Report form (can be downloaded below) to record the details of the incident and take this to your local Police station. Do not put yourself at risk when trying to gather evidence.  If hoon behaviour is an ongoing issue in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us to conduct additional patrols at times when the behaviour usually takes place. Safety Officers can observe and report hoon behaviour, including noting vehicle registration details.

Remember, the only way a hoon may be convicted, if Police do not witness the incident, is for you to attend Court. If you are not willing to attend Court in some cases your information may help to establish a pattern of behaviour that could lead to later apprehension, and conviction, so your information is still appreciated.

Title Type Size and format
Report a Hoon form Form PDF 54 KB

For more information on reporting a hoon, please visit the WA Police website

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