Safety and security services

Security Subsidy Scheme

Find out about getting help to improve the safety of your home.

SmartWatch Service

Find out about our SmartWatch community surveillance service, what they do, when to call, Holiday Watch, when to call the Police.

Crime prevention

Information about ultra violet (UV) pens, ways to prevent and reduce opportunities for crime, 'Eyes on the Street' and reporting a hoon...

Neighbours Unite

Find out about a new initiative aiming to build connected, safer and more vibrant neighbourhoods.

Graffiti vandalism

Find out what you can do to help prevent graffiti vandalism and how to report an incident on your property or in a public place.

Home security

Find out what you can do to make your home more secure, and about security services provided by the City of Rockingham.

Hoon driving

Find out who to contact about hoon driving.

Neighbourhood Watch

Find out about the Neighbourhood Watch program and ewatch and how to get involved. Be involved! Keep informed!

Safety for seniors

Find out about our safety for seniors program and the security subsidy scheme.