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Contaminated waste

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Contaminated Waste

Millar Road Landfill Facility is licenced by the Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER) to accept a range of solid wastes including Class I, II, and III; and includes contaminated soils, industrial process wastes, treated timber and asbestos.

Waste Disposal Advice

Contaminated waste disposal at Millar Road Landfill is managed in line with the DWER licensing and regulatory requirements. Before any waste can be received at the landfill, it must be assessed and classified. A waste disposal application form (below) must be completed and returned to the City with relevant supporting documents for assessment. Advice and assistance can be obtained from the landfill on 9528 0333.

​To apply for waste disposal, please fill out the form in the below table. Commerical customers registered with Rockport can send applications for Biosecurity, Contamination or Asbestos online via Rockport. 

Title Type Size and format
Millar Road Landfill Contamination Waste Disposal Application Form Form PDF 488 kb

Waste Classification

Classification of contaminated waste is required to determine the acceptability and appropriate disposal arrangements. At Millar Road Landfill all waste is classified according to the DWER Landfill Waste Classification and Definitions (1996), which are available from the DWER website.

Waste Acceptance Approval

Once an application has been assessed as acceptable for disposal, a waste approval and booking number will be issued. All disposals must be booked 24 hours prior to delivery (or as soon as practicable) with the landfill by phone on 9528 0333. The booking number must also be provided to the weighbridge on arrival at the landfill facility.

​Commercial customers registered with Rockport can book Asbestos, Biosecurity or Contamination online via Rockport.

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