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Responsible Dog Ownership

As a responsible dog owner you are encouraged to:

  • microchip your dog
  • sterilise your dog
  • register your dog
  • vaccinate your dog
  • properly exercise your dog
  • ensure your dog does not engage in nuisance barking
  • ensure your dog is on a leash and under your control in public places.

For more information on the Dog Act 1976 amendments and how it will affect you and your dog, please visit the Department of Local Government and Communities, Responsible Dog Ownership website.

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Dog Registration

Dog owners are required by law to have all dogs over the age of three months registered with local councils. Registrations are also valid throughout Western Australia so you can transfer your dog registration to another council if you choose to move home or location.

The period of registration (“dog year”) runs from 1 November to 31 October, regardless of the date when the dog is actually registered.

Sterilised dogs

  • $20 per year
  • $42.50 for three years, or
  • $100 for a lifetime.

Unsterilised dog

  • $50 per year
  • $120 for three years, or
  • $250 for a lifetime.

If you are registering your dog for the first time, please complete a dog registration form below. If you have received a registration renewal notice from us, you can pay online.

Holders of a current Pensioner Concession Card receive a 50% discount.

Note: A registered Veterinary Surgeon’s Certificate or statutory declaration must be produced to be eligible for sterilisation rates.

Once your dog is registered, you will be issued with a coloured dog tag stating your dog’s number and registration expiry date. In addition to the registration tag provided, the owner’s name and address must be attached to its collar.

Amendments to the Dog Act 1976

The following information contains a summary of the law, which applies to the average dog owner in Rockingham. However it is not a substitute for professional legal advice on specific points in regards to the Dogs Local Law 2000 (available in Local Laws).

From 1 November 2013, amendments to the Dog Act 1976 came into effect. The amendments introduce microchipping for domestic dogs as well as a range of other measures to improve community safety and controls relating to dangerous dogs, encouraging responsible dog ownership and recognising assistance dogs.

The City welcomes the latest changes to the Dog Act. Dogs being clearly identifiable will benefit greatly in the reuniting of dogs with their owners in the event they become lost or separated.


  • Lifetime dog registrations are now available.
  • Dog owners must provide their dog’s microchip number to the City when registering a dog, the microchip number is acceptable as evidence of microchipping
  • Statutory Declarations are acceptable as evidence of sterilisation when the veterinarian certificate is not available


By 1 November 2015:

  • All dogs must be microchipped.

Please contact your local veterinarian for costs associated with microchipping.

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Prescribed Number of Dogs

Only two dogs are allowed to be kept at any one residence in the urban area but rural and special rural areas may keep more than the prescribed number of dogs.

If you are thinking about keeping more than two dogs a written application must be made to the City with a non-refundable fee of $135 (GST inc).

Puppies may only be kept until they reach the age of three months.

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Dog Beach Exercise Areas

The following areas have been designated as dog beach exercise areas:

  • The public beach bounded on the east by Hymus Street and extending generally in a westerly direction and then in a southerly direction and bounded on the south by Boundary Road
  • The public beach bounded on the north by prolongation of McLarty Road, on the east by Arcadia Drive and on the south by the northern boundary of Mersey Point car park
  • The public beach bounded on the west from the eastern side of the Bent Street boat ramp, on the north by Safety Bay Road and on the east from the western side of the Donald Drive boat ramp
  • The public beach bounded on the north by, and 40 metres to the north, of a prolongation of Shelton Street, on the east by Blakey and Fendham Streets and on the south by prolongation of St Malo Close
  • The public beach bounded on the north by the northern-most part of Capella Pass carpark beach access and extending generally in a southerly direction for a distance of 1km
  • The public beach bounded on the north by the boundary of Port Kennedy and Secret Harbour and in a southerly direction to the public beach access of Siracusa Court carpark
  • The public beach bounded on the north by a prolongation of Crystaluna Drive and extending in a southerly direction for a distance of 500 metres
  • The public beach bounded on the north by a prolongation of Bight Reefs Road and extending in a southerly direction to the southern boundary of the district

A map is available below.

Dog Exercise Areas

A list of dog exercise areas is available in the Dog Owner Guide. The City also has an enclosed off-leash dog exercise area at Bayview Reserve, Rockingham and is planning another one for Baldivis.

Further information on dog exercise areas as well as other information be sought by contacting the City's Ranger Services.

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Wandering Dogs

Please prevent your dog from wandering the streets alone by ensuring your home is secure enough to prevent a dog escaping, keeping in mind dogs can escape by digging, jumping, running out of open gates and garage doors.

If your dog does escape, it could be seized by the Ranger and impounded or even killed on the roads by a car, which is a very common occurrence.

Dog Pound

Lost your dog? We have a list of all dogs (including photos) currently impounded in Rockingham's dog pound.

The Dog Pound is located on Hurrell Way, Rockingham. Opening times are Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.

Pound fees

Poundage fees will be charged for the release of a dog, which is another reason not to let your dog escape or run away.

Fee description Amount ($)
Inclusive of GST
Impound fee $70 per dog
Registration fee If applicable
Dog registration fees
Sustenance fee $30 per day
Surrender fee $100 per dog

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