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Gardens, trees and verges

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Street trees

The City offers street trees to residents for the verge adjacent to your property. City staff will also plant the requested trees during the winter months.

Please complete a Winter Street Tree Program application form to be included in the next winter program.

Name Format Size and Type
PDF PDF 685 kb
Winter Street Tree Program application form Form PDF 1.1 MB

Tree pruning or tree removal

If a tree has grown into a location that you consider dangerous it may be eligible to be removed or pruned by the City in accordance with Council's policy for tree removal.

You can now send in your details electronically to report a dangerous tree or shrub on City property that may be eligible for removal or pruning via

Encroaching Branches and Roots

For information on encroaching branches and roots from neighbouring properties, please visit Legal Aid WA.


Street verges are typically described as the area of land between a road edge and the adjacent property boundary. Our Street Verge Development Policy ensures that street verges within the City are developed to an appropriate and consistent standard. 

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Street Verge Development Policy Document PDF 163 kb