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Permit to Burn

The City of Rockingham is currently in an unrestricted burning period.

All rural and semi-rural property owners wanting to undertake a hazard reduction burn on their properties will be required to register their burn with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services on 1800 198 140.

Contact the City's Fire Control team on 9528 0333 with an enquiries.

Photo of vegetation pile burn


Prohibited burning period (no burning permitted)

1 December to 31 March

Restricted burning period (permit required)

1 April to 31 May
1 October to 30 November

Important note: These dates may vary from season to season. Contact Fire Prevention on 9528 0333 to confirm.

Visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website to find out further information on prescribed burning and how reducing your fuel load can help protect you and your assets.