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Fire Control

The City of Rockingham requires all land owners to comply with the City's Fire Control Notice by 30 November each year.

Firebreak Variation

If, for any reason, it is considered impractical to clear firebreaks or to remove the flammable material from your land as required by the Fire Control Notice, an application must be made in writing.

Please resubmit all current variations, regardless of when they were approved.  The City would like to ensure that variations comply to the current conditions and environment.
Firebreak photo

Please complete the form below and forward it to the City's Fire Control Team on or before 12 October for approval to provide firebreaks in alternative positions or take alternative action to abate the fire hazard, e.g. slashing and mowing. 

If permission is not granted by the City's Fire Control Team, you must comply with the requirements of the Fire Control Notice in its entirety.

Firebreak Contractors

To assist ratepayers to install firebreaks and/or slashing, a list of contractors is available below.

Please note, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure firebreaks and/or slashing are completed prior to 30 November each year.

If you have received a bushfire infringement and believe you have grounds for appeal you can use the online appeals tool.

Total Fire Bans

Total Fire Bans are declared on days of extreme weather or when widespread fires are seriously stretching firefighting resources.

The need for the ban is assessed throughout the day and the ban may be revoked if weather conditions ease.

A Total Fire Ban is declared the evening before it is to take effect.  You should check the Emergency WA website after 6pm to see if a ban has been declared for the next day.

A full explanation and what you can and cannot do during a Total Fire Ban day can be found through the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website or by downloading the leaflet below.

Title Type Size and format
Application to vary location and type of firebreaks Form PDF 130 kb
Firebreak Contractors Document PDF 50 kb