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Property Marking with UV Pens

Free UV pens are available to City of Rockingham residents to assist in marking their property to prevent theft.

The program has been running since 2014 when the City embarked on a community safety and crime prevention initiative to deliver a UV pen to every rateable residential property in the City of Rockingham. With glowing support from Western Australia Police, the initiative was aimed at reducing the chance of burglary and increasing the retrieval of stolen property.  It also assists police to catch burglars.Ultraviolet Property Marking Pen

To ensure the most effective marking of your property, residents are encouraged to mark their valuables near the serial number on the item, if there is one, using the state listed on your driver's licence and your driver's licence number.  For example, WA1234567. If you not have a driver's licence, use your passport or Medicare number, or those details of a close relative.

Full instructions about how to mark your property can be found in the table below, along with a downloadable sign that can be placed in your windows to notify potential intruders that all valuable property has been marked.

Property registers are the perfect addition for property marking.  A printable property register is available on the Neighbourhood Watch website for you to print and complete.  This register should be kept in a safe place and a copy sent to your insurance company.  For items that cannot be marked, such as jewellery, photographs should be taken and stored with your property register.

If you would like a free UV pen, please contact the City on 9528 0333 or email (limited supply available).

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UV Pen - Property Marking Instructions Document PDF 342 kb
UV Pen - Identification Signs for your home Document PDF 176 kb

Emergency Information and Education

For information about fire safety, emergency contact numbers and how to prepare Emergency Services Vehiclesyourself and your household for fire and other emergencies, please visit the Emergency Management page.

If you require additional information or have questions regarding fire and emergency readiness, please call the City’s Emergency Services Team on 08 9528 0333. In the case of fire or other life threatening emergency, please call 000 immediately.

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Home Safety

Tips on making your home more secure

• Make sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave
• Keep fly screens locked when you are in your home (remember, fly screens stop flies not people.)
• Never leave keys outside your home
• Cut back shrubbery around the house to ensure natural surveillance
• Make sure your house number can be seen clearly from the road
• Keep the area around your home well lit at night
• Keep garden sheds, garages and side gates locked
• Make sure any tools or ladders are locked away
• Keep your post and meter boxes locked
• Install a burglar alarm
• Have all your valuables engraved and property marked
• Always keep money, handbags and keys out of view away from doors and windows
• Never give personal details over the phone
• Fit a door viewer and never let strangers into your home.

For more information on how to reduce opportunities for crime around your home, please refer to the crime prevention through environmental design brochures below.

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Security Subsidy Scheme

The City of Rockingham delivers a program to help residents improve the level of security within their home.  The City of Rockingham will provide a subsidy of up to $100 towards the cost of installing a range of security items such as window and door deadlocks, home intruder alarms, smoke detectors, meter-box locks, roller shutters and care link alarms (excluding monitoring costs to those who qualify).

The limit for the subsidy is one valid Pension/Concession/Health Care Card holder, per household, per financial year.

All applications received after 31 May will be processed as an application for the following financial year.

The City of Rockingham does not recommend any suppliers for installation. Local security device suppliers/installers can be found in the Loca Link, RMK directory or local newspapers. Alternatively, information can be sourced online.

Subject to eligibility of the above criteria, you may apply for these security items:

• security doors/screens/shutters
• Residual Current Device (RCD)
• doors/windows/meter-box security deadlocks
• smoke alarm
• fire blanket
• alarms/alarm system
• security/sensor light
• CCTV camera
• door viewer
• fire extinguisher
• personal alert device/care alarm pendant (excluding monitoring)
• front door chain

To apply for the Security Subsidy Scheme, please use the form located in the table below. For an application to be eligible, a tax invoice displaying a paid balance, valid bank account details (BSB, account number and signature) and a photocopy of a valid pension, health care or other concession card must be provided with the application.

Applications can be submitted to or via mail to PO Box 2142, Rockingham DC WA 6967. For more information on the Security Subsidy Scheme and your eligibility please contact the Community Safety team on 9528 0333.

Title Type Size and format
Security Subsidy Scheme Application Form  Form PDF 1.14 MB

Motor Vehicle Parking Safety – Tips and Hints

To burglars like Benny, a parked car is a golden opportunity. Parked cars are very popular with thieves as they can quickly break in and take people’s valuables. There are some simple steps that can be taken to make your vehicle less enticing to thieves.Benny the Burglar

Benny hates it when people:

• wind up their car windows and lock their car doors
• remove all valuables from their car, or conceal any valuables they cannot bring with them within the cars boot
• remove the GPS, including the GPS holder (and mobile phone holder) and wipe the suction cup mark off their windows
• park in a visible, well-lit section of the car park
• place a dash cloth or sticker on the dashboard or windows of the car informing potential thieves that all valuables have been removed from the vehicle.

For information on how to request a free community safety dash cloth, visit the Creating a Safer Community Page.

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Luminous Numbering

Residents and business owners are requested to ensure that their homes, commercial and industrial properties are properly numbered with a luminous or reflective sign which can be easily seen at night. Emergency services vehicles depend on accurate and visible numbers, especially after dark.
Reflective numbers on aluminium plates, suitable for residential properties, can be purchased from the City. The City has a policy regarding street numbering which ratepayers are requested to follow to ensure that community and emergency services can easily locate their destination. For more information contact us on 9528 0333 or email

Title Type Size and format
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Document PDF 550 kb
Designing out Graffiti Document PDF 1.4 MB
Protecting Surfaces and Rapid Removal Document PDF 224 kb
Lighting and Surveillance Document PDF 526 kb
Landscaping and Planting Document PDF 460 kb

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