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Plan the work, work the plan

For each strategic objective as set out in the City's Strategic Community Plan 2015 - 2025, a number of Community Plan Strategies have been identified in order to turn the community's aspirations into a community reality.  The City actively implements the aspirations through each of these strategies. The development and implementation of the community plan strategies is ongoing and involves extensive research and community consultation.

Community Aspirations 2015-2025

The following tables outlines each of the four aspirations, and the progress with each of the strategies to meet the community aspirations. 

Strong Community

Title Size and Format Status
Seniors Strategy 2017-2021 PDF 1.19 MB Adopted
Children and Young People Strategy PDF 753 kb Adopted
Community Support Services Strategy PDF 629 kb Adopted
Disability Access and Inclusion Strategy  PDF 942 kb Adopted
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan PDF 665 kb Adopted
Community Infrastructure Plan PDF 14 MB Adopted
Public Open Space Strategy   In progress
Library and Information Services Strategy 6.7 MB Adopted
Youth Outdoor Recreation Strategy 7.8 MB Adopted
Cultural Development and the Arts Strategy 2018 - 2022 PDF 524 kb Adopted
Health and Wellbeing Strategy   Adopted
Volunteering Strategy 2016 - 2022 PDF 726 kb Adopted
Reconciliation Action Plan  PDF 1.2 MB Adopted
Community Safety Strategy PDF 4MB Adopted
Emergency Management Response Strategy   In progress
Road Safety Strategy   In progress
Bushfire Risk Mitagation PDF 584 kb Adopted

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Tourism Lifestyle

Title Size and Format Status
Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation Stage One   Adopted
Strategic Metropolitan Centre Plan   Adopted
Economic Development Strategy PDF 3.09 MB Adopted
Investment Attraction Strategy   Under review
Amenity Response Team   Adopted
Rockingham Foreshore Strategy PDF 42 MB Adopted

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Quality Leadership

Title Size and Format Status
Ten Year Integrated Financial Business Plan PDF 5.2 MB Adopted
Strategic Community Plan PDF 2 MB Adopted
Community Engagement Toolkit   Completed
Public Toilet Strategy PDF 631 kb Adopted
Playground Development Strategy PDF 369 kb Adopted
Asset Management Strategy PDF 7 MB Adopted
Stormwater Drainage Strategy   Under review
Public Parking Strategy PDF 1.8 MB Adopted
Integrated Transport Plan   Adopted
Human Resource Development Strategy   In progress
Misconduct Prevention Strategy PDF 1.15 MB Adopted
Risk Management Framework PDF 201 kb Adopted

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Sustainable Environment

Title Size and Format Status
Environmental Suistainability Strategy   In progress
Coastal Hazard Risk Management Adaptation Plan   In progress
Local Biodiversity Strategy PDF 367 kb Adopted
Baldivis Tramway Masterplan PDF 7.8 MB Adopted
Natural Area Conservation Strategy PDF 1.2 MB Adopted
Local Planning Strategy   In progess
Karnup District Structure Plan   On hold
City Greening Plan 15 MB Completed
Millar Road Landfill Business Plan PDF 2 MB Adopted
Waste Collection Strategy PDF 1.3 MB Adopted

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