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Measuring our performance

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The performance of our Strategic Community Plan is measured in a variety of ways, including:

  • the observation of trends in the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • the City's Happiness Index which is available through Rock Port – our online community portal.
  • the Local Government Australasian Performance Excellence Program 
  • the development and implementation of Community Plan Strategies to meet the Community Aspirations and objectives on time and within budget
  • ongoing tracking of the City's major infrastructure projects.


Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

The City’s overall performance has continued to improve each year the Customer Satisfaction Survey has been conducted, with the City receiving a score of 4 out of a possible 5 in 2017, compared to a score of 3.7 in 2009 when the first survey was carried out.

In 2017 a total of 10,000 surveys were mailed to randomly selected households in the Rockingham region. Just under 2000 forms were completed and returned. This gives a response rate of approximately 20% which is large enough  to ensure the statistical rigour of the survey and is significantly better than the level recommended by the Western Australian Auditor General. This means the data is truly representative and can be used with confidence in decision making.

Respondents consider the City to be performing well in the areas of rubbish and recycling, libraries, parks and gardens and sporting facilities, with 80% of respondents rating delivery of these services as being done "well" or "very well". Areas of focus identified for the coming year include: attracting new businesses to the area, building approvals, youth programs and facilities, events, and dog and cat management. 

The Happiness Index

The City's Happiness Index is available through Rock Port – our online community portal and it provides a new and very innovative way of measuring the community's overall level of satisfaction with living in the City of Rockingham.  It is based on the concept of a Net Promoter Score.  Community members are asked to provide an overall rating on their "level of happiness" and then requested to select up to six indicators on why they chose this rating.  The results are reported on a biannual basis (February and August). ​

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The Local Government Performance Excellence Program

The City participates in the Local Government Australasian Performance Excellence Program  which is coordinated annually by Price Waterhouse Cooper and Local Government Professionals Australia NSW.  It is a high level performance comparison of over 134 local governments across Western Australia, New South Wales and New Zealand. It measures areas such as Corporate Leadership, Operations Management, Workforce Management, Finance Management, Risk Management and Asset Management.

Annual feedback on the implementation of the Strategic Community Plan

Annual feedback on the City's progress with implementation of the Strategic Community Plan is presented to the community in the City's quarterly newsletter, the City Chronicle, and in the Annual Report. 

On-going tracking of major infrastructure projects

An overview of the City's current, future and past major infrastructure projects is available in our Major Projects and Developments section

Supporting documents

​If you require a copy of previous years' results or feedback reports, please contact the Strategy, Tourism, Marketing and Communications team on 9528 0333 or email

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