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Keralup Housing

Keralup is the most challenging strategic housing project for the region. The Keralup site (as shown below), falls within the south-eastern portion of Rockingham and extends into the Shire of Murray. The land has been owned by the Department of Housing since 1991.

Keralup has been recognised by the State Government as a priority urban development project that may be commenced in the coming years.

Preliminary planning for Keralup suggest that it could accommodate more than 100,000 people over its 4,000 hectares and have a development timeframe of up to 50 years. The proposed Nambeelup Industrial Estate abuts Keralup to the south and will offer important services and employment opportunities to complement those within Keralup itself.

Keralup 'Stage One' is a contained cell between the Kwinana Freeway and the Serpentine River which could potentially accommodate about 2,500 people. Access to 'Stage One' will be from the freeway by an eastern extension of Paganoni Road, as shown below.

In December 2012, 'Stage One' was zoned 'Urban Deferred' under the Metropolitan Region Scheme. Although it did not formally assess the proposed rezoning, the Environmental Protection Authority raised several environmental issues, dealing with matters such as water management and mosquito management, which will be addressed through the planning process.

The Department of Housing has prepared broad land use plans (or 'District Structure Plans') for the entire Keralup site which seek to deliver a sustainable and integrated urban area.

Although 'Stage One' has a zoning status and the Department of Housing has carried out a number of technical studies to justify urban development, a formal District Structure Plan for Keralup is yet to be lodged with the City.

The City recognises that a number of matters require careful consideration to ensure successful outcomes at Keralup. The City is seeking to clarify matters such as infrastructure delivery, project governance and regional planning context with the Department of Housing and Department of Planning. To assist in representing the City's interests in Keralup, the City has appointed a dedicated Project Manager, Mr Peter Ricci who can be reached by contacting Planning Services.

'A Vision for Keralup'

To guide its response to Keralup, the City has produced 'A Vision for Keralup'. The process that led to the 'Vision' commenced with a local stakeholder workshop where nine elements that will influence liveability at Keralup were established.

Through discussions at the workshop, the factors that would contribute to good outcomes under the liveability elements were identified and developed into 'Aspirations' and 'Principles' which were adopted by Council in April 2012.

The combined set of statements represent the City's 'Vision for Keralup' and confirms the City's and community's expectations for ensuring long term quality outcomes at Keralup.

A copy of  'A Vision for Keralup' can be sourced below.

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A Vision for Keralup Document PDF 1.8 MB