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Karnup District Structure Plan

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For some time the State Government has identified parts of the southern Baldivis and Karnup District as having the potential for future urban development.  This position was expressed in the Outer Metropolitan Perth and Peel Sub-regional Strategy (2010) prepared by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and most recently in the the draft Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million suite of strategic land use planning documents which the WAPC released for public comment in May 2015. 

These documents include the over-arching Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million report and four draft planning frameworks for the Central, North-West, North-East and South Metropolitan Peel sub-regions. 
Submissions on the report and frameworks can be made to the WAPC until 5.00pm on Friday, 31 July 2015 and all comments will be considered by the WAPC before the draft frameworks are finalised as sub-regional structure plans.

When the South Metropolitan Peel Sub-regional Structure Plan is finalised, it will identify which areas have been deemed suitable for urban expansion in the short, medium and long term (2015 - 2050).

The draft Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million reports

and the draft South Metropolitan Peel Sub-regional Planning Framework

Why prepare a District Structure Plan?

In areas likely to experience significant growth like Karnup, it is important to have a plan in order to understand where future land use, like housing, should be located.  It is also important to co-ordinate the provision of future services and infrastructure like major roads, water reticulation and wastewater infrastructure.

In 2012 the City decided to prepare a Structure Plan for the Karnup District.  The Structure Plan area is bounded by Paganoni Road to the south, Fletcher Road/Stakehill Road/Nairn Drive to the west, Sixty Eight Road to the north and Baldivis Road/Stakehill Road/Kwinana Freeway to the east.  View site plan.

The purpose of the Karnup District Structure Plan will be to identify:

(a) Future residential suburbs

(b) Areas to be protected such as bushland, streams and other wetlands

(c) The location of future high schools

(d) The location of future hospitals and other community facilities

(e) Area to be set aside for shopping centres

(f) Commercial and employment areas

(g) Major sporting ovals and facilities

(h) The location of major roads and potentially light rail transit lines

The City has appointed a team of consultants to prepare the District Structure Plan for Karnup.  The team comprises of town planners, engineers, retail economists, landscape architects and environmental scientists.

What is involved in preparing a District Structure Plan?

The process of preparing the District Structure Plan is quite long.  Prior to designing the structure plan, it is necessary to complete a number of studies and assessments, including:

(a) Environmental

(b) Hydrology

(c) Engineering and servicing

(d) Economic and retail

(e) Community needs.

Once the studies have been completed, the team will be able to commence the design phase.

Once the design phase and initial consultation is completed, the District Structure Plan may be lodged with the City for assessment, followed by formal advertising and endorsement by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

In July 2011, the Western Australian Ministers for Planning and Environment and the Commonwealth Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities agreed to undertake a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Perth and Peel regions of Western Australia.

The SEA is being led by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) in partnership with the Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.  At a State level, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet is working closely on the SEA with the Department of Planning, Department of Environment and Conservation and the Office of the Environmental Protection Authority.

The SEA will assess the impact of the future proposed development in the Perth Metropolitan Area with respect to matters of national environmental significance listed under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.  It will also assist in identifying land that can or cannot be urbanised for future development.  This includes land within the Study Area for the Karnup District Structure Plan.

Further information regarding the SEA

or visit:

The project team is consulting with government stakeholders and is reviewing all the environmental and land use implications that exist in the Study Area.  In this regard, the City has been closely liaising with State and Federal environmental agencies to understand the strategic environmental and planning studies being undertaken.

From these ongoing discussions it has been determined the City needs to wait for the completion of the SEA before commencing detailed work for the preparation of the District Structure Plan, as it will have implications to the City's planning process for Karnup.

The City and its consultants will look to engage with landowners and other stakeholders in workshops to establish a long term vision for Karnup.  These workshops are likely to be scheduled once the environmental implications are understood.  The City will be writing to inform stakeholders of the workshop dates closer to this time.

South Metropolitan and Peel Sub-Regional Structure Plan

In conjunction with the Strategic Assessment, the Department of Planning has prepared a draft Sub-Regional Planning Framework for the south metropolitan and Peel region which is being advertised for public comment until 31 July 2015.  Following consideration of comments received by the WAPC, the draft framework will be finalised as a sub-regional structure plan.

A Sub-Regional Structure Plan is the highest level strategic document prepared by the WAPC in conjunction with local government/s, relevant stakeholders and government agencies.  It provides a broad spatial land use framework for future coordination of medium to long-term land use and major infrastructure development of numerous land holdings often covering more than one local government area.

A Sub-Regional Structure Plan enables the timely investigation of potential land use conflict, critical staging and implementation requirements to enable funding and programming of all infrastructure.  It is usually the precursor to the zoning and reservation of land under the metropolitan region scheme, and/or a local planning scheme and establish priorities, future requirements including any studies and investigations and potential planning responses, to facilitate and provide a context for the preparation of more detailed district, local and activity centre structure plans.

Sub-Regional Structure Plans are prepared having due regard to, and in the context of, the state planning framework, comprising the State Planning Strategy, relevant regional strategies (for example Directions 2031 and Beyond, Pilbara Planning and Infrastructure Framework, Draft Greater Bunbury Strategy) and relevant WAPC state planning policies.  These policy frameworks and strategies set out the overarching principles and desired planning outcomes that need to be addressed in the structure planning process.

Sub-Regional Structure Plans apply land uses and reserve classifications in accordance with, where applicable:

  • Relevant region scheme land use zones and reserves such as urban, city centre, industrial, parks and recreation reserves, regional roads, public purpose sites
  • The hierarchy such as strategic metropolitan centres and specialised centres - Relevant environmental government agencies strategic assets, such as regional open space, conservation and biodiversity strategies, special control areas for buffers and regional water management requirements
  • Relevant infrastructure agencies strategic planning such as education, utility reservations, gas pipeline corridors, road and railway networks, and
  • Land use classification for future potential urban land such as urban expansion and investigation areas.

The Sub-Regional Structure Plan and Strategic (Environmental) Assessment, once completed and approved, will provide the planning rationale for any potential change of zoning under the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS).

Can landowners comment?

The City is committed to consultation with landowners in the design and development of the District Structure Plan.  In light of the work being completed by the State Government, the City will not be recommencing the preparation of the Karnup District Structure Plan to guide the future planning for Karnup until the sub-regional structure planning by the State Government is completed.

Where to from here?

This web page will be updated periodically to reflect the progression of the Structure Plan.

In the interim, enquiries may be directed to either Mr Tristan Fernandes or Mr Jeff Bradbury in the City's Strategic Planning Department on 9528 0362.