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Proposed Amendments to Timed Parking Restrictions - Rockingham Foreshore

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​The Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation works at Railway Terrace is changing the distribution of public parking at the Rockingham Foreshore ("the Foreshore").

​As part of a coordinated approach to the management of public parking at the Foreshore, informed by the Community Plan Strategy - Rockingham Strategic Metropolitan Centre Public Parking, the existing timed parking restrictions are being reviewed.

​In February 2019, Council resolved to invite comment on a proposal to introduce new timed parking restrictions at the Foreshore. A copy of the Council report is available below.

Title Type Size and format
Community Plan Strategy - Rockingham Strategic Metropolitan Centre Public Parking Document PDF 2.2 MB
Council Report Document PDF 667 kb

Proposed locations

The locations where changes are proposed are listed in this table and depicted in the plan below.

No. Location Current Proposed
1 Railway Terrace 30 minutes 1.
2 hours ​2.
30 minutes 3.
2 hours 4.
2 Rockingham Beach Road (Parkside) -
​Railway Terrace to zebra pedestrian crossing
No limit 2 hours *
3 Rockingham Beach Road (Parkside) - 
​zebra crossing to Flinders Lane
No limit 3 hours *
4 Flinders Lane Foreshore Carpark No limit 5. 3 hours *
5 Val Street No limit 2 hours
​1. ​22 vehicle bays and 2 motorcycle bays
2. 4 motorcycle bays
3. 14 vehicle bays
4. 8 vehicle bays and 6 motorcycle bays
5. Includes 1 fifteen (15) minute bay
*​ Includes 1 five (5) minute bay

Graphic depicting the Foreshore parking areas and proposed timed parking restrictions

The proposed restrictions apply between the hours of 8am to 6pm only.

​The philosophy used in allocating the proposed time restrictions took into account visitation behaviours at the Foreshore and the likely duration of the visit. Where possible, the proposed time restrictions seek to match the nature of the nearby commercial tenancies and promote a turnover of vehicles so that more people can park in proximity to their destination.

​For those seeking a longer stay, a large quantity of unlimited bays will be retained in the vicinity of Bell Park and other adjacent streets, along with the public carparks at the Gary Holland Community Centre and Rockingham Museum. The proposed five minute bays allow people and goods to be dropped-off/collected close to the foreshore and the vehicle then parked in a location that caters for the length of stay.

​There are other complementary matters being implemented by the City including an investigation into additional on-street partaking opportunities at the Foreshore, educational material (such as the Public Parking availability plan) and directional signage to the public carparks.

Title Type Size and format
Public Parking availability plan Document PDF 2.7 MB

Share your thoughts now

You can provide your feedback on this proposal through the following means:

  • online via Rock Port
  • online via via email
  • mail written comments to: Chief Executive Officer, City of Rockingham PO Box 2142, Rockingham DC 6967

Submissions must be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer by no later than 4.30pm on Monday 25 March 2019.

​Please note that any written submission may be placed on the public record and be available for inspection