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What is an Enclosed Dog Park?

An Enclosed Dog Park (EDP) is a secure, fully fenced space dedicated to dogs and their owners for off-leash recreation. Dogs that are well socialised and exercised are likely to be healthier, happier and less aggressive. An enclosed dog park provides a safe, accessible community setting where dogs can play and interact with each other, and promotes responsible dog ownership.

Rockingham Enclosed Dog Park Review Survey

The City’s Enclosed Off-Leash Dog Exercise Area Needs and Feasibility Study identified a need for the City to implement a number of enclosed dog parks, and as a result the inaugural Rockingham Enclosed Dog Park was opened in November 2016.

Now that the Rockingham EDP is in operation, we would welcome feedback to answer the following questions:
• What aspects of the existing Rockingham Enclosed Dog Park are successful and what can we improve on?
• What is important for the design of the future Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park?

If you have visited the Rockingham EDP please share your thoughts now and complete the Rockingham Enclosed Dog Park Review survey.    

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park Design Survey

Baldivis has been identified as the next location for an EDP due to the rapid population growth and large proportion of registered dogs in the area. Council endorsed Barri Barri Park as the site for the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park in December 2016 and the City is now in the design phase of the project, with construction scheduled to occur in the 2017/2018 financial year.

If you would like to provide input into the design of the Baldivis EDP,  share your thoughts now by completing the Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park Design survey.

Please feel free to complete both surveys if you have feedback to provide for both purposes.
The surveys will be open until Friday 24 February 2017. Hard copies can be obtained at any of the City’s libraries, or by contacting the City’s Community Infrastructure Planning team on
9528 0333 or customer@rockingham.wa.gov.au.

Rockingham Enclosed Dog Park

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