Draft Public Parking Strategy - Rockingham Strategic Metropolitan Centre

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The City is inviting comment on a draft Community Plan strategy that seeks to give direction to the management and provision of public parking in the Rockingham Strategic Metropolitan Centre. The draft strategy relates specifically to the Waterfront Village (Rockingham Beach) and City Centre sectors where parking demand is most acute. 

The preparation of the draft strategy followed engagement early this year with traders and commercial landowners within both sectors where the existing parking challenges and potential solutions were discussed.

The draft strategy provides both outcomes and actions that are intended to result in more efficient use of existing public parking and guide when and where new parking should be provided.  Private parking, or that not under the jurisdiction of the City, is not addressed in the draft strategy although it is acknowledged that private parking plays a significant role in meeting parking demand. 

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Closing date for receipt of all comments is 4.30pm on Friday 29 September.

For further information contact the Project Manager on 9528 0333 or email customer@rockingham.wa.gov.au

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