Aqua Jetty Stage 2 – Needs and Feasibility Study

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Aqua Jetty Stage 2 is an identified community infrastructure project in the City’s Community Infrastructure Plan 2016-2026. The City is producing a Needs and Feasibility Study for the Aqua Jetty Stage 2 development and values your input.

Share your thoughts

We invite you to share your thoughts now. We have designed two surveys: One for Aqua Jetty members, and one for the wider community. The surveys will only take a couple of minutes to complete. By completing one of the surveys you will assist in determining what is required in the Stage 2 expansion. The surveys are available at the following links until 4.30pm Wednesday 31 May 2017.

If you are an Aqua Jetty member - please complete the following:

For all other community members please complete the following:

For further information please contact the Community Infrastructure Planning Project Officer on 9528 0333 or email