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image from the knee down of a person carrying a skateboard

Port Kennedy Skate Park

Project background

​An audit of the City's existing skate parks showed that the Port Kennedy Skate Park at Veteran's Memorial Reserve was no longer suitable to serve the needs of the current and future population.

As a result of the audit and the significant use of the skate park by the community, the existing skate park will be demolished and an upgraded one constructed in the same location.

​The new sub-district level skate park is designed to provide more space and cater for skate, scooter and BMX riders of a variety of skill levels.

​The park will complement the existing informal reserve uses, and provide a venue suitable for skate clinics and competitions. 

Artist's impression of the skate park.


​Project scope

The skate park design is made up of a number of areas including a:

  • ​bowl
  • flow zone and
  • street line.

The skateable areas are complemented by other amenities including:

  • ​half court basketball
  • shelters with seating
  • drink fountain
  • bins, bike racks and path connection.

Upgrade of the existing reserve toilets are not part of this project, but refurbishment is scheduled in the near future as part of the City's Asset Management Plan.


​Community consultation on the concept design occurred in late 2017–early 2018, and the outcomes were used to finalise the design. The concept was finalised in April 2018, and the construction tender was awarded in December 2018.

Construction will take place during autumn/winter 2019.

​For any enquiries please contact the City on 9528 0333 or