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Aqua Jetty Solar PV System

Aqua Jetty Solar PV System

Scope of Works

A state-of-the-art Photovoltaic (PV) system has been installed at the Aqua Jetty. The roof-mounted 340kW system, made up of 988 290W modules (panels), will produce an estimated 427.31 MWh per year of energy savings, which is equivalent to the annual electrical demand of over 53 houses. This system will also offset 354 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere every year. It is forecast that 99.8% of the energy produced by the PV (solar power) system will be consumed by the Aqua Jetty facility. Any unused or excess PV produced will be fed back in to WA’s electricity grid.

The City of Rockingham is proud to have launched such an iconic solar power system as part of its Strategic Community Plan, as well as it being a great opportunity for the City to contribute to the community effort to reduce carbon emissions.  The solar installation is an important development to showcase the economic and environmental benefits of wiser energy choices.


Aqua Jetty, 87 Warnbro Sound Ave, Warnbro.


The City of Rockingham funded 100% of the project over a payback period of six years, due to initial grant funding applications being rejected.

Project Schedule

The project has been completed and the system is currently being commissioned. The system will be up and running in October 2018.