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Rockingham Shuttle

The Rockingham Shuttle is a State Government public transport initiative which links the Rockingham rail station to the Rockingham City Centre, then onto the Murdoch University campus, after which it travels to the Rockingham beachfront. It links these three major activity nodes back to the Perth to Mandurah railway.

In December 2007, the Public Transport Authority (PTA) finished off the $15.1 million Rockingham Shuttle, in time for the opening of the South Metro Railway.

The shuttle operates on a combination of existing roads and dedicated transit lanes. Stage 1 of the system uses four modern gas-powered buses offering a high frequency 15 minute shuttle service between the new Rockingham Train Station and the beachfront.

The shuttle is ultimately proposed to operate as a streetcar system, however, implementation of the light rail component (Stage 2) will be examined as surrounding development and patronage increases over time.