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Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan

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Project Summary

In July 2015, Council adopted the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Master Plan (‘Master Plan’) to provide guidance and direction to how the foreshore will evolve over coming years.

In this instance, the 'foreshore' constitutes the foreshore parks from Hymus Street in the west to Governor Road in the east including the core area of Bell and Churchill Parks.  It also contains recommendations that influence a number of local streets adjacent to the foreshore.  Three study areas constitute the Master Plan, as shown below.

Study Area

The Master Plan contains a number of recommendations, some of which are significant stand-alone capital projects, while others are more subtle.  A major focus of the Master Plan is to maintain the existing character of the area while creating a destination where pedestrians have priority, and public spaces are enhanced.

Project Background

The Master Plan project first gained status in the City's Economic Development Strategy 2014-2017, which recognised the existing attributes of the foreshore and sought to build on its qualities in the quest to increase visitation and investment. 

The project commenced in late 2014 when the City engaged with local stakeholders in an effort to determine what factors should inform the design of the Master Plan.  This process was carried out by way of a community survey, and with a ‘blank canvas’, in an effort to encourage innovative ideas.

Following a strong response to the community survey, a number of design parameters were produced to feed into the Master Plan.  A copy of the Consultation Report is available to download from the table below.

The City then engaged a specialist team of Landscape Architects/Urban Designers, assisted by experts in coastal management, traffic and branding/wayfinding, to prepare the Master Plan.  A Stakeholder Reference Group, made of local commercial traders, park users, heritage groups, police, youth, local residents and others, was also assembled to assist in refining the Master Plan design. 

In April 2015, Council endorsed the release of a draft Master Plan for the purpose of seeking comment.  Following consideration of about two hundred submissions, Council adopted the Master Plan in July subject to various modifications.

Master Plan Details

As mentioned above, the adopted Master Plan covers three separate areas with ‘Area One’, being from Val Street to Wanliss Street, ‘Area Two’ being Hymus Street to Val Street and ‘Area Three’ being Wanliss Street to Governor Street. 

In a general sense, the Master Plan recommends better pedestrian connection throughout the foreshore, consistent street furniture/lighting themes, improved beach access, selective tree planting and coastal protection measures.

'Area One' contains the major transformational items including:

  • An upgrade to Railway Terrace, between Kent Street and Rockingham Beach Road, to create a pedestrian orientated space through reconfigured carparking, the introduction of significant tree planting and the widening of footpaths.
  • The creation of the Railway Terrace ‘Beach Plaza’ which transforms the existing carpark to a formal, pedestrian focussed, public space.
  • Expansion of the pedestrian/alfresco ‘Boardwalk’ in front of the cafes and restaurants west of The Cruising Yacht Club.
  • The new ‘Rockingham Beach Jetty’, as an extension of the ‘Beach Plaza’, to provide a distinctive and unique recreational element.
  • The Rockingham Beach Road ‘Shared-Space’ where traffic speeds will be reduced, and pedestrians have right of way,  changes to the footpath and road profile, distinctive materials and other techniques.
  • A regional ‘Water-Playground’ in the location of the current Flinders Lane foreshore carpark.

Within 'Area Two' the key features include the management of traffic speeds along Esplanade, to better connect Rotary Park and the Palm Beach café to the foreshore, and a series of exercise nodes along the pedestrian path.

‘Area Three’ will contain a number of new elements including an expanded Wanliss Street carpark, a new ‘active node’ for wheeled and ball sports and a continuation of the exercise nodes.

A copy of the adopted Master Plan, Explanatory Reports and other relevant documents can be downloaded from the Table below. 

The implementation of the Master Plan will be progressed through a combination of discrete capital projects and routine asset replacement.  The timing of the improvements will also be influenced by the availability of funding and the City will explore the potential for partners to join with it to implement the Master Plan.

Rockingham Beach Plaza Artistic Image

Beach Plaza Artistic Image

Rockingham Beach Road Artistic Impression

Rockingham Beach Road Artistic Image