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Baldivis Outdoor Youth Space

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Scope of works

To provide an outdoor recreation space to cater for structured and unstructured wheeled sports such as skateboarding and scooters. This space could also include other outdoor recreation activities, such as fitness equipment.


This project could be co-located with the Baldivis District Sporting Complex on Eighty Road, Baldivis, subject to the outcomes of master planning for the site.

Project schedule

Planning design, construction and activation will occur during the 2019/2020 to 2021/2022 financial years. Construction is currently scheduled to commence in 2020/2021.

Please note the below image is indicative only, as an example of elements which could be included in a sub-district level facility. Community consultation will be undertaken to inform the development of a site-specific concept plan.

Indicative design on the Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space