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Baldivis District Sporting Complex Stage 1


Due to population growth and a lack of active open space, a district level sporting facility is required to service the growing population. The Baldivis District Sporting Complex is proposed to be delivered in a number of stages.

Scope of works

The first stage of the complex will include the development of turf ovals and supporting infrastructure to cater for sports training and competition, passive sport and recreation activities. 

As the first of a number of stages, the delivery of Baldivis District Sporting Complex Stage 1 will also include initial service and utility connections, significant earthworks, and the development of internal roads and parking.

Master planning currently in progress for the site will have consideration for the entire sporting complex.


Due to the lack of active open space being most prominent in Baldivis, as well as being identified as an area of significant continued population growth, the Baldivis area was identified as the location for the district sporting complex. The sporting complex will be located on a 20 hectare site on Eighty Road.

Project schedule

Master planning is currently underway with consideration for the entire site. Planning, design, construction and activation of Stage 1 of the complex will occur during the 2017/2018 - 2021/2022 financial years.

Project updates

To keep the community informed of the sporting complex progress, project updates will be available at key project milestones.

For current information see the project update below.