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Major Projects

Find out more about the major projects the City has planned for the next five years.

Information on the image below is current as at June 2018. The City implements a rigorous project management and community consultation process to ensure the best outcomes are achieved. It must be noted that due to unforeseen circumstances relating to design, construction and commissioning problems these dates are indicative only and are subject to change. The City will update this information on a regular basis to reflect project progress.

Graphic timeline of the City's major projects



Aqua Jetty Solar PV System

Find out about a project to reduce carbon emissions at the Aqua Jetty.

Inclusive Play Space (Secret Harbour)

Find out about plans for the Secret Harbour Inclusive Play Space.

Baldivis Enclosed Dog Park

Find out about plans for the City's second enclosed, off-leash dog exercise area in Baldivis.

Nairn Drive Duplication (Blaxland – Cottonwood)

Find out about the Nairn Drive Duplication project between Blaxland Terrace and Cottonwood Drive.

Port Kennedy Skate Park

Find out about plans for the Port Kennedy Skate Park.

Baldivis South Community Centre

Find out about what is planned for the Baldivis South Community Centre.

Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation - Stage 1

Find out about plans for the Rockingham Beach foreshore.

Port Kennedy Drive Duplication

Find out about the duplication of Port Kennedy Drive.

Rockingham Foreshore Activity Node

Find out what is planned for youth as part of the Rockingham Foreshore Revitalisation.

Baldivis South Outdoor Courts

Find out about the plans to build new outdoor courts in Baldivis.

Baldivis District Sporting Complex Stage 1

Find out about the plan to build a major sporting facility in Baldivis.

Baldivis Outdoor Youth Space

Find out what is proposed for the Baldivis Outdoor Recreation Space.