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The City produces a range of newsletters to keep its residents and ratepayers informed. If you haven't joined already, sign up to Rock Port, the City's online community portal, to receive updates when newsletters are published.

City Chronicle

The City publishes a regular newsletter, the City Chronicle, which is distributed to all households in the City of Rockingham. The City Chronicle provides information about the latest projects and events happening in the City.  If you would prefer to receive the City Chronicle via email and assist the City in reducing its environmental footprint, please sign up to Rock Port.

If you would like to simply stop receiving the Chronicle in your mailbox, please email and request to be taken off the City Chronicle mailing list.

A Budget Chronicle is also produced every year to help residents and ratepayers understand their rates and the City's annual budget.

For more information about any of the articles in the City Chronicle, please contact the City on 9528 0333 or email

Title Type Size and Format
City Chronicle Winter/Spring 2018 Publication PDF 4.3 MB
City Chronicle Autumn 2018 Publication PDF 3 MB
City Chronicle Summer 2017 Publication PDF 6 MB
Budget Chronicle 2017/2018 Publication PDF 3 MB
City Chronicle Winter/Spring 2017 Publication PDF 5 MB
City Chronicle Autumn 2017 Publication PDF 5 MB
City Chronicle Summer 2016 Publication PDF 5 MB
City Chronicle Winter/Spring 2016 Publication PDF 5 MB
Budget Chronicle 2016/2017 Publication PDF 1.8 MB
City Chronicle Autumn 2016 Publication PDF 3.6 MB
City Chronicle Summer 2015 Publication PDF 3 MB
City Chronicle Spring 2015 Publication PDF 3 MB
Budget Chronicle 2015/2016 Publication PDF 1.5 MB
City Chronicle Winter 2015 Publication PDF 6.4 MB
City Chronicle Autumn 2015 Publication PDF 4.9 MB

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Community Development E-Newsletter

The City's Community Development Team produces a monthly newsletter that includes details of all the events and programs happening around the City. For more information on any of the events or programs, contact the Community Development Team on 9528 0333.

Libraries E-Newsletter

Keep up to date with all of the events and news happening in the City's libraries with its monthly newsletter. For more information about any of the events, contact your local library.

Name Type
Libraries E-Newsletter - July 2018 External link

Autumn Centre Newsletter

The City's Autumn Centre offers lots of exciting programs for its members. Stay up-to-date with its quarterly newsletter.

Name Type Size and Format
Autumn Centre Newsletter - Spring 2018 Document PDF 1.3 MB

Seniors E-Newsletter

The City's monthly Seniors E-Newsletter will keep you updated with events, workshops, community groups and information.

Name Type
Seniors E-Newsletter July 2018 External Link

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