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Young and Gold Art Project 2016


In a new project concept for the City of Rockingham, youth and seniors came together for the Young and Gold art project to co create a community artwork at the Golden Bay foreshore at the corner Marillanna and Dampier Drives, Golden Bay.

Completed Friday 22 January, the three final panels were painted with a mix of acrylic lacquer aerosol paint, paint markers used for detail line work, and exterior acrylic paints by 14 attendees. Eight workshops were held in January to develop the art concepts under the supervision of facilitating artist Dan Duggan.
City of Rockingham Councillor, Leigh Liley attended the final painting and installation of the artwork Young and Gold art project participantsthis morning: “More community artworks are needed in the outer suburbs, and this project, which had the twofold aim of bringing together youth and seniors and was successful in offering an opportunity to challenge some of the stereotypes we can hold about different age groups.
“City Officers, together with Creating Communities identified a wide generation gap in Golden Bay, which is characterized by a large, existing retiree population and younger families moving into the suburb.
“The resulting artwork created by participants is an amazing, colourful mural inspired by the imaginations of the seniors and young people involved. It was great to see the artists working together and using their diverse skills and talents.
“This work brightens up a formerly drab wall and showcases the participants’ skills. A wonderful positive outcome for the community is the connections that have been made between people during the concept development workshops as the process evolved, and the rich conversations that transpired as the project came to fruition.”

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