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Waste Collection Service Upgrade


The upgrade of the City’s waste collection service will begin in May when residents start receiving their new 360-litre recycling bin (yellow lid), 240-litre green waste bin (lime green lid) and 140-litre waste bin (red lid).

From May to June, residents will need to put both their recycling and waste bins out on their kerb on their normal recycling collection day. Once the bins have been emptied, residents are asked to leave their bins on the kerb until 6pm so the contractors can make their way around to upgrade the bins. If the contractor can’t visit the first time, this needs to be done every fortnight until your bins are upgraded.
Once the new bins have been delivered, residents can continue to use the recycling and red-lidded waste bins as normal. Bin days will not change. The lime green-lidded green waste bin collection will start on 26 June and will be collected on the opposite fortnight to the recycling bin.
Mayor Barry Sammels said there were 50,000 residential properties within the City so the upgrade would take some time and require the assistance of residents for a smooth transition.
“This new system allows for greater recycling which reduces the amount of waste filling up the landfill,” Mayor Sammels said. “The City aims to increase its recycling to exceed State recovery targets of 65% of 2020 by upgrading the bin service.”
The upgrade is funded by the Waste Authority’s Better Bins project, through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery account.
For more information about the City’s new three bin system and what to do during the changeover call 9528 0333.

The three bin residents will soon have.


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