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Sustainability Snapshot Report


The City of Rockingham has recently released its Sustainability Snapshot Report which highlights the City’s key initiatives and achievements so far on its journey towards a more sustainable future. The Report provides a snapshot of the City’s collective efforts towards achieving environmental sustainability in the last two financial years (July 2015 – June 2017).

Highlights of the report include:

  • the amount of energy generated from harvesting methane emissions at the Millar Road Landfill Facility is 1.5 times the City’s total energy use

  • in the first three months since the three bin rollout, the waste recovery rate for the bins has doubled from 23% to 46%

  • the City’s energy consumption for lighting has been reduced by 50% by upgrading existing lights to LEDs

  • the City’s scheme water usage was reduced by 3.22% from 2015 to 2016

  • the City planted over 100,000 native seedlings in conservation reserves over the last two years.

The City contains a diverse range of natural environments, with 37 km of pristine coastline, the deepest freshwater lake on the Swan Coastal Plain (Lake Richmond), several conservation significant wetlands, nationally recognised ecological communities, over 870 hectares of well-maintained public open space and approximately 940 hectares of nature reserves.
Mayor Barry Sammels said “The City is committed to the protection and enhancement of our environment and works in close partnership with the community to ensure it is sustainably managed for future generations to enjoy. We recognise that health and wellbeing are linked to the quality of our natural environments so we are actively involved in environmental education and engagement to help residents, schools and community groups adopt more sustainable practices".
View the full Sustainability Snapshot Report.

Mayor and others at Lake Richmond

Photo L-R: City of Rockingham Director of Planning and Development Services Bob Jeans, Deputy Mayor Deb Hamblin,  Mayor Barry Sammels, and Coordinator Sustainability and Environment Natalie Elliot at Lake Richmond for the launch of the Sustainability Snapshot Report.

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